Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Series

I've been working on series of work that explores our family history, particularly during war the & immigration. I hope to glean more stories, images & anecdotes from my family and look forward to where this journey many take me.

Kamp 7

Kamp 7 detail

Opa & Ome Lise

Saturday, February 18, 2012

bird studio update!

I finally got around to painting front door panels for the studio! I think I will use this image as my official bird studio logo. A bit of history behind the word bird - my father has affectionately identified me as a bird since I was wee (he also called me cat in the hat in dutch - I prefer bird). My brother continues to call me bird to this day thus bird studio. There is something about the quirky nature of birds, their behaviour, quizzical looks & cock-eyed stance that I just love.
The image is painted on wood panels with mural acrylics, gold leaf & sealant. This work continues the decorative art series I have embarked on and is inspired by the likes of Margaret MacDonald, Rennie Macintosh, Gustav Klimt and others in the Seccessionist movement.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nanaimo Artwalk!!!

Well, it's been awhile. Much ado about everything - life, family, art, job and so on. Since the fall I have fell into more of a routine at Bird Studio and look forward to visitors during the Nanaimo Artwalk on December 3rd & 4th. All welcome. Would like to share some of the summer public work during my 'artist in residence' at Pawson Park here in Nanaimo! Talk about a community affair and collaboration!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

bowling balls & the like

I've just completed a bowling ball installation along with a number of other artists for the city's annual small scale public art project as well as a triptych for one of the city buildings. Keeping the decorative theme going, and in the spirit of Margaret Mcdonald and Rennie Macintyre, I think the bowling ball and other interesting found or reused objects, painted panels, gold leaf and so on, could be a great place to get stuck in. I have a few pics to share and hope to have more to share on this front. Happy spring!
wet feet

bird & blossoms

saxifrage dance

Land & Tree Triptych

Here's the link to the Nanaimo Art Gallery website where latest public installations are up for auction for online bidding! Just click on public art week and scroll down to see images.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out door decorative art series!

Hey people!
this is ma moms (aka yvonne) new outdoor art series!!!
Take a look!



Our driveway gate!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

thread moss, emu, & Carson McCullers (all worth checking out)!

Getting Started!

As I'm fairly new at this blog thing - bear with me. My son Hamish is interested in helping promote my work and possibly his, so we thought we would give this blog thing a try. We plan to post art work, chat about art & process, share inspiration & stories with others and have fun doing it. Any advice welcome.
Keep you posted!
Yvonne & Hamish